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Good evening/afternoon/morning people, depending where you are. It's 11pm here.
Newly signed up from the UK and hoping to learn more. I'm a couple of grows old, so fairly new to farming.

I'm an indoor grower ( no other choice for me ) in 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 tent with AC Infinity Cloudline 6, Omega Black 720, and currently using Mega Crop for nutes, though i have
a choice between MC and Plant Magic A+B HW. I have other extra supplements - Food grade Epsom Salts, Shogun Cal-Mag, Ecothrive Biosys microbe tea, Biosys Neutralize, Liq. Silicon,
PK 13/14, but mostly just letting the Mega do it's thing, just adding supps. if needed

Right now i'm a few weeks in, growing just 3 plants - OG Kush , Banana Purple Punch and AK47. All are autos.

Happy trails 😎


Welcome to the farm

Nice to welcome a fellow Brit here 😋

Would love to see some pics of your ladies

Enjoy the adventure
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