Greetings from the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains...

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Just now beginning what I hope will be a fun and rewarding hobby. I'm recently retired; reintroduced to Cannabis a few years ago by a family member. Reason: terrible back pain. and a search for non opioid relief. Cannabis was a godsend; I have since had back surgery (twice), and am pretty much pain free nowadays. Staying v fit and active truly helps; hiking, gardening, cycling, etc.

Found that I really love vaping a little bud occasionally; particularly sativa strains. Kind of goes along with the things I enjoy; hobbies, reading, birdwatching, flyfishing. Grew up in San Diego; pot was part of the 70's scene there. Stopped enjoying it after finishing engineering school (Cal Poly), starting family, etc. Common story...

I've scored some fine (legal) bud while traveling around the country over the last four years. It is far, far finer than the harsh, sorry stuff we had as kids. Found that I very much appreciate the various strains and types now produced. Have really enjoyed growing heritage tomatoes (delicious!!), and hope to now be able to accomplish some good DIY results with cannabis.

This wonderful forum seems a treasure trove of resources for a rank novice like me. Many thanks to those of you who have obviously worked very hard to make it so!


Thanks, Hort! (I'm just getting started; learning about PH meters and seed germination...)

- You, sir, have a green thumb! Lovely garden; everything just bursting...
(...makes me v humble, to be adrift in such august company)
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