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I decided to get this grow documented from close to the start, rather than close to the end :P

My stage rooms are all in different buildings.
Flower9'x17' stand alone building
2 Enlite780 Watt LED
1 Grower's Choice680 Watt LED
1 Grower's Choice720 Watt LED
9 2'x4' grow stations
12,000 BTU AC
8" CAN filtered exhaust
All monitored and controlled remotely
Manual watering and feeding
Veg4'x8' Tent
1 Enlite780 Watt LED
SunBlaze 48

I'm using Roots Original soil in 25 gallon soft pots and mostly following the Roots dry amendments schedule. I may change up the nutrients for round 4, but most of the plants have done well on it.

From my first run, I was able to get clones easily from the triple chocolate, and since they were so delicious last time, I am probably going to go with a full mono crop this time. These rooted clones were potted in their temporary pots about one and two week ago. I nearly lost one on day 1, so I clipped all the dry leaves and waiting to see if it fully recovers.

Since I still had some root aphid issues, I mixed DT in with the fresh soil to try to keep them away this time. I also used these pots so I could cover the bottom drain holes with heavy plant fabric to prevent critters from climbing in and out.

These fresh clones are vegging 24/7 under a Sunblaze 48 with only the outer lamps on.

In my tent, I have several clones running, but these 4 are triple chocolate and Purple Punch.
Even using fresh Roots Original, I carried root aphids in when doing some of the clone plantings, and they were getting pretty bad, so two days ago, I did a peroxide flush, then set off a pyrethrin fogger in the (4x8) tent. There is some damage to the leaves from the combo, but I haven't seen any signs of root aphids for now and I'll be trimming off the damaged leaves as they grow more. I'm going to dust the top of the soil with DT today.

These are under an Enlite 780 watt LED at about 50%. I don't currently have any climate control in the tent, as my humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and A/Cs are being used in the flower room and the dry room. None of these have been fed anything from water yet, since I'm trying to keep the growth slow and steady. Next week, when the clones move in, I plan on starting their nute schedule.

I've kept these clones in the tent for now, waiting on the final results of grow #2 because I'd hate to get rid of any of them, only to realize that I have a winner that I need to keep. I'll know their fates in about a week.


Moved my clones to the tent to veg. They're doing far better than I expected with the change.


I cleared out most of the plants I am not keeping for this round. I'm trying to give those away to people in need of a jump start.

Round #2 is mostly harvested and I am probably going to pull the last plant tomorrow, she just wasn't quite ready when the rest were (big fat colas but still growing and very few amber tricomes). These will be moving from the 4x8 tent with very little climate control to the insulated, temperature and humidity controlled room. Most of the plants will be moving into their own 30 gallon container, but I will probably double up on a few to test yield per pot.

White powder is diatomaceous earth - I'm still battling root aphids in here but I think I am getting them under control. One more hydrogen peroxide dip, then into inoculated soil with predators should do the trick, I hope. If not, then root aphids will just have to be something I live with. They are outside and get into everything. I replaced about 400 gallons of soil, sanitized, bleached, and bombed after round #1 and there are still some in the flower room. Round #2 were not negatively affected though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

These Triple Chocolates are growing like crazy. I cut a lot of them back and have a new round of clones trying to root.

The youngest clones, all rooted within the last week. I kept them in small pots since I will be moving them again in the next week.

It amazes me when I look at this plant today versus a week ago when I took the last set of photos. I cut about 8" off the top for a clone, and it's still at least twice the size as it was before.


It's been a little over a month since I moved the keepers to the flower room to finish off their veg. Since I was going to be away for a couple of weeks, I just decided to throw them in their new pots and let them veg out as much as possible for a while before flipping (which will happen on Saturday the 16th. I ended up deciding to go with 2 of last rounds' Polynesian Cookie Haze and the rest Triple Chocolate. It's nice having pretty much a mono crop so I can see all of the plants reacting the same, for the most part.

Since I think this will be the last run with any PCH, I decided to just throw a whole set of fresh rooted cuts into smaller pots and stick them all in the extra space that I grew my Mob Boss last time. No light directly overhead, assorted 2, 3, and 5 gallon pots, and little or no training other than a couple that got topped early on.

I have all of the lights lowered to hit between 4-600 ppfd at the canopy with the lights at 75%. I need to pull out my watt meter and test them all though, because the Grower's Choice 680 is putting out the most intense light and it's the lowest rated setup I have. It could just be that the 680 is packed into a slightly tighter space, but it has always put off WAY MORE heat than the others. I always assumed it was because the heat sink system was not as good.

Excuse the mess :P It doesn't normally look quite this bad.

These Polly Cookie Haze had roots starting when I left town and my helper didn't pot them, so they had foot long root masses that I had to break apart from the clone setup in order to get into pots. I only lost one in the process, and, as you can see in the middle left, almost another. That said - these were planted about 2.5 weeks ago and most are doing well for only getting ambient light.

These are the two other PCH that I already had growing in my veg tent before.

These two are the youngest - they were in the little pint pots and have grown up and filled in nicely.


I forgot to mention - the root aphids are really bad outside here, so as an 'all or nothing' move, when taking these all to the flower room, I removed them from the pots and completely submerged the root masses into a hydrogen peroxide mix , knocking away as much of the soil as possible, that is another reason I decided to do an extra long veg since I was shocking them with that and by transplanting to new soil at the same time. They appeared a little shocked for only about two days before recovering and I haven't seen any signs of bugs on them now.


I am experiencing an issue with humidity though. I can't seem to be able to push the humidity to where I want it. I am running lights during the day and have an A/C unit, but am also running two humidifiers to try to compensate. The outdoor humidity has been high, ranging from 70-99% when it's not raining, so my thought process was that if I could pull that air inside, I could cool and moisturize the air at the same time.

I set up my 8" exhaust and intake fans to an outlet that is programmed to turn on when the outside humidity is over 70% and the inside temperature is over 75° and turn off when either are lower. But what I saw when it turned on is that the temperature started dropping but nowhere near what the humidity did!

I unplugged the exhaust fan and only left the intake fan plugged in and saw very similar results. For example, this morning at 5:45, it was 80.5° with 75.5% rh inside when the intake kicked on because it was 99% humidity outside. By 6:00, the room was 78.6° with 60.6% rh. WTF? If I am pushing in humid air, it should be raising the RH to ideal levels. I know that some of it is because I'm running an AC unit in the room, but what else could be causing this? Any ideas?

Just for the record, I have at least 5 different monitors in the room and while they all show slightly different readings based on type and location, they all show the same trends and none of them show it getting humid enough other than at night without lights, AC, or outside air exchange.
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