Grow diary pt 1 Beginning of LST

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It’s is now week 4 for Evellyn (Runtz blue tag) and week 3 for Aliah (Cush Cookies red tag) and I’ve just stared to LST.

Aliah is only 2 days younger than Evellyn and smells dank af. Evellyn doesn’t really smell much. Aliah was supposed to die because I accidentally ripped off her root before she even sprouted but she’s growing and going strong. Evellyn was supposed to be the best one but she stared to lag a little and Aliah is and her are growing at almost the same rate. Maybe it’s because of the cats attack, Evellyn got it real bad with chunks of leaves ripped off and holes in some leaves. She healed some holes and they are gone but they look a bit brown wjere it was ripped. Aliah only lost one little leaf from her first real weed leaf and a few scratches but she’s doing real good.
I think they are both small and the attack might have stunted both of their growth. What do you guys think? Are they about the right size or are they really small for week 4, and 3 almost 4 (Aliah).
I use the Fox farm trio nutes. Big bloom for the first 3 weeks and 4-5 days ago I started using Big bloom and Grow big together I use a gallon container, i only used a very little amount of them though because I don’t have anything to measure the amounts with.

They are auto flowers plants. I have one important question. My lights have a bloom and veg switch. Since they are auto flowers should I use both veg and bloom and will it give me better results?
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