Grow Room Lighting. I got lots of them.

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Here's my current setup.. So.. anyone have advice and feedback on how to change this around the "best way" ?

I got a lot of smaller lights. I started with the big one, and just collected the other ones this year.
  • 500w Szhlux bar light
  • 250w Finnchy board light
  • 125w Finnchy board
  • 60w Corn Cob LED light
  • 15w LED Growlight
  • 24w LED Growlight
  • 2 x 30w 6-leaf folding Lights 6500K
  • 2 x 60w 3-leaf folding Grow lights
  • 2 x 30w 12"x12" boards (the side lights)
  • 200w UFO light
  • 150w UFO light
  • 100w UFO light
  • 24w T5 UV light
  • 75w & 50w UV light
  • 24w CFL UV Light
So..... Yeah...... I made it to the point that I feel overcrowded. The UV light schedule is 10am-4pm. the 50w/75w is on for 3 hours 12-3pm. Kasa wifi power strip makes it easy to keep the schedules for the lights. I'm adding in fans and heating for the winter, since the weather is starting to get cold at night. This stuff is all on 1 circuit breaker. I had to move the dehumidifier to a different circuit. I was surprised to learn that fans are 50w or higher. I also have a 1000w HydroFarm light. but I just don't have the setup for it right now.. it was a hand-me down.

I used the PPFD Meter and trying to keep flowering at 600 ppfd. up close is more like 1200 ppfd. but.. idk how accurate my measurements are. but i know if i use the same device I have some sort of idea of my actual "light on canopy" numbers. Those 2 Sour Diesel and 2 Blueberry Cupcake plants got out of hand.. they're 6ft giants. the BBC couldn't support itself. So I lost a few top colas while caging it late.
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 2
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 3
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 4
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 5
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 6
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 7
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 8
Grow room lighting  i got lots of them 9


That is a lot of lights, Interested to see what it does. But stay safe drawing all that power
Yup. I had to put the fans and dehumidifier on a different circuit breaker. Way better than overloading fuses. They're all on surge-protector power strips, and a TP Link / Kasa Home wifi power strip. All electric is above the water level. My basement flooded a month ago. Thankfully I followed that rule and nothing was actually harmed with the grow.. just everything else got soaked. It would have been really bad if I wasn't aware of that "no power on the floor" rule. Heat is a gas heater on the wall, which is also a bonus CO2 source for the plants. but.. I don't really need the extra heat when the lights are on. just during dark hours.

I'm trying to re-plan all this for the next run.. try not to have all this chaos in a setup. and I got all these UV lights to test out right now. There's not that much information on actually using them. So I'm testing out stuff for myself.


That's alot of wires/plugs! 😳
I didn't even post that shot... Here ya go. Kasa 3 port Wifi Power Strip. Other power strip is the "always on" power. USB Battery is for the NannyCam. Power for the air/water pumps and a couple fans. It pulls from a different circuit. 500w light is on that one. the rest are on the wifi power strip. It works great for a timer.

I just haven't planned far enough ahead for putting in the electric drop from the box. I put one in the other room a couple months ago. but the dirt floor is still wet from being flooded. It set me back a bit. and everything got shoved in this spot. Other half the room is dark and I'm opening it up to the full room size. it's like 8' x 14' right now. of a 16' x 14' room. or something like that.
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Just be careful whats above, my dishwasher leaked a month ago, missed a power bar by an inch.
Water pipe broke out front of my house, and I had water coming out of the wall 3-4ft up. Dining room and my bed room directly above. New smoke detectors and CO detectors are in place.

Yeah.. floodwaters came half an inch from hitting that cement pad in the old furnace room. and I live "uphill" from town. smh.

I'll definitely be putting in some GFI outlets when I get around to wiring this in properly.

My veg room has dirt floor, and it's still wet. So I just crowded everything in there to flower this seed run out.
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