Growing Hemp for CBD

In true form, I’ve launched into the unknown and want to start at the deep end. My wife struggles with seizures, pain, exhaustion, to name a few challenges. CBD, with some THC, seems to help. It’s all under the radar as the legal system has not quite caught up.


The plan is to breed a CBD variety. To that end, I bought some hemp seed from various UK health shops and I’ve had germination has been 100% failure. I bought some off the bay and they were clearly marked from china and supplied within a day or so from a local disti. They are supposedly for pouring over breakfast cereal. Like the other seeds, they germinated in water but…..have gone beyond the germination stage and turned into wee hemp plants; we’re expecting our first five-fingered leaves. I’m expecting these to be regular so a 50/50 male-female split.

Back at the ranch, where I started less than a month ago, I have three feminised auto varieties: Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights and Blueberry. My enthusiasm overtook me and planted regular Jack Herer (a complete disaster and think it’s a genetic issue with germination) and was given some regular Afghans free. Both these Afghan seeds are going ballistic and I think I need to either scrogg or have a tall shower tent to let these babies grown to 6 or 8 foot.

As a techie, I’ve been making colloidal silver to spray on the cuttings/clones of the feminised autos detailed above to collect feminised pollen. They seem to be doing quite well in my Heath Robinson hydroponic system: I have roots and the leaves have gone from yellow to green!

Here is the hypothetical question:

Let's assume we have pollen from
1. Northern Lights, feminised and auto
2. Amnesia Haze, feminised and auto
3. Blueberry, feminised and auto
4. Afghan regular male
5. Delay everything and grow something like cannatonic/ACDC to cross with hemp

Which one would you cross with the “unknown” hemp seed from China?

Any advice is welcome.