H2o2 with Beni's and Enzymes

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Wassup my fellow farmers? I have been doing a lot of research on H2o2 in hydroponic gardening lately and it seems very beneficial to the plants. I have always styaed away from H2o2 because I use Great White and Hygrozyme.

My question is can H2o2 be used in conjunction with these? I have read both that H2o2 brakes down so fast in the nutrient res. that it will unharm the benis and enzymes, but I have also read that it will kill them. Looking for first hand experiences, not I have read or I have been tolds. Thanks guys.


H2O2 is a non-discriminate killer. It will oxidize any organic matter it comes into contact with (that is my basic understanding of how it works). It will kill bene's, and in large enough quantities it will hurt your roots. In correct quantities it will kill the bene's and baddies alike. Thats a dead res. A dead res works fine, but also remember that the H2O2 oxidizes away within a day so if you only H2O2 every week, then you have a 5-6 day window for stuff to grow in your res. Its been my experience that the baddies usually grow by default, not the bene's. You could h2O2 on say monday then add bene's wednesday, but why not just try to colonize good bene's, not never kill them off. Every time you H2O2 you are killing the symbyotic bene's.

I understand that some environments might make it easier to just go dead rez, and at that point use UV. Might as well :)


H202 can be very beneficial if used properly.
The way I have always used it weather in flood and drain,Dwc, or now RDWC.
When doing a rez change. Before adding nutes add the H202 let run for 4 to 5 hrs.
Then it will have done its job killing anything in the system. And after the 4 to 5 hrs it will have evapped off mostly. And it is then safe to add nutes and beny's.
I have not yet done this in the RDWC but the theory should be the same.
Basically the only beny's is the system are what you add. There is not much colonizing in RDWC.
My .02


yea i was thinking about flora blend when i step up to a rdwc setup
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