Had a great growing season 2021 last plant.

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My final plant of the 2021.
Started this little Lemon Haze just after New years 2021.

I had been studying low stress training. Had not heard of mainlining yet. Although I understood and was practicing the concept. I Just didn't know what it was called.
I fussed over her and her 3 sisters all winter. Checking this and that. Mainlining and tying down her branches stuck it out in the sunshine full time May 24 weekend, tended to it's needs. I have to give credit where credit is due. I love this simple hardware store fertilizer.
Pro Mix. This stuff is super easy to use and the plants love it.
IMG 2309 2

Mid summer the plant looked pretty nice. You can't see from this shot, but the plant was low stress trained and down to the rim of the pot. And clean from the soil up 12" to keep good air movement deep inside the plant.

I am a fan of growing only top cola. No buds on the sides of the stalks. So I defoliate heavily once the plant shows signs of flowering.
So as the plant begins it's flowering stage, I pinch off all bud locations from all stalks and sub stalks. Leaving only forming top cola buds on the plant.
At this time I also remove about 80% of the plants leaves in order to open the plant up and let light in to ripen buds deep in the center of the plant.
IMG 2080 3

Many weeks later. After a lot of evenings trimming new growth, Watering her, Keeping her all trimmed up nice and looking after her.
It's Thank Giving weekend, plant #4 of 2021 is ready for harvest. I see see the red stems. I did it on purpose trying to grow more colorful buds.

DSCF1011 2

As the weather has been dull and wet. These where taken 7 days ago.
DSCF1019 2

DSCF1013 2


Well, The grass is cut and it's kick back, light the wood stove and trim time. What a great way to spend the afternoon, Burning one from last year and trimming one from this year. There are no side of stalk buds. Only super sticky golf ball and larger top cola buds. Wish my camera could take better pictures to share with you. They are sugary and sticky shimmering like green diamonds, beautiful bud. This is the finest bud I have grown to date. In a few days it will be tuck away it in sealer jars, burp the baby every night for a couple of weeks. Then when she is just perfect. Tuck her away in mason jars and forget her for 4 months. I have to say that this plant really gave me it's all. Had a great grow from start to finish.
Lemon Haz Colatops


Sweeeeet...Thanks for Sharing and Nice job on Your Bountiful Harvest! 👍 🤜🤛😎

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