Harbor Freight Drip Kit

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Saint Skinny

Saint Skinny

Hey guys, I got the harbor freight drip kit recently (mainly bc it was a good price for 100' of hose) and im a bit confused. there are two types of drippers included. a larger one with a hole, and a smaller one with no hole. my question is, how do I hook this up so it works the way it's supposed to? I think the small ones are for the end of the line, and the big ones are for in-line... but im not quite sure.

anyone used this before? successfully?
Saint Skinny

Saint Skinny

I had one, it was garbage. Don't remember how to setup the drippers.
I ended up making a ring from the inline drippers & tubing. I had to put an inline valve before each ring to get the right flow, but it actually works well lol
Maybe I should make a little how-to
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