Harsh Sunlight And Flowering Phase

is a maturing plant fragile in a harsh sun?

  • Yes. Protect her from midday sun

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  • No. As much direct strong light as possible for 12 hours

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my friends.

I am growing mostly outdoors and greenhouse for 2 seasons, and am quite happy with my supply chain. My new set of questions is about sun and flowers.

Johannesburg has a really harsh strong sun. This is typically great for the veg phase (as long as the crop is sufficiently humid). I am *feeling* that the flowers and snow on the leaves are a bit too delicate for this intensity. What do you think?

Attached are photos of 2 sister clones. I want to leave the mature plant to a spot that gets direct light in the morning and afternoon but protected from midday sun. In total, she will get over 5 hours of direct light and 7 hours indirect light. Then I put her to sleep in a darkroom for 12 hours.

I want to leave the less mature (but flowering) plant in full sun of 9 hours and 3 hours of indirect light and “in bed” for 12 hours. When her flowers start looking fragile, I will treat her as described for the mature plant.

What are your thoughts?
- These plants are blueberry widow from msnl.
- the mature plant is about 6 weeks flowering (timed from preflower date in mid Feb)
- the less mature is about 10days since the switch to 12/12.
- here’s a better pic of the snow
- comments on the scrog setup are welcome
- comments on the lack of lollipoping on the mature plant are noted and ignored :) I am loath to cull the small heads that already developed. I am lollipoping the rest of my plantation (thanks for the advice Mr Puffdaddy, our local legend who operates in gauteng)

Plants will usually grow well in full sun as long as they are accotomed to it and introduced gradually to prevent sunburn. Many growers don't consider that plants can get badly sunburned when going outdoors from indoors. It usually takes a week or two of gradually increasing exposure to the full sun...new growth will be automatically acclimated, but older growth can often burn and shrivel up. Plants grow outdoors from seed are ok unless they are sun sensitive to begin with.
These clones have been well acclimatized to the outside. I started the cuttings inside (late Jan) for 2 weeks then outside in the shade for a week and full sunlight for the past 5-6 weeks (end March now). So they will be able to handle the full light. Im simply after the sweet photo of sugar frosted colas :)
i would put about 4 inches of humus and manure on top and then take straw to mulch the plants,i also love in a triple digit area and this is how i combat the problem,what i did last year was take a old canopy like you would take to the beach,mine got tore up in a hurricane,so i went on line and got desert camo netting took with wire ties and put over the 10x10 top of it and zipped it on,gets all morning light till about 11 am then again after 3pm,worked out great and even with stood another hurricane with 65 mph winds,i grew mine in 5 gal buckets,plants got about 5 ft tall with a lot of training to keep um down,14 weeks in them and worked out fine,2 of the girls i breed,acupoco gold with blue dream another with acopoco stud and brass monkey a strain a homie made