Has anybody relocated a DIY mini split?

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I know it can be done but I cant find much info. If unfamiliar, the DIY means it's a unit with pre-charged line sets. Any input from somebody with experience in this would be greatly appreciated!
The unit is an Ideal-Air but I imagine the process would be similar to a Mr.Cool etc.


to uninstal an AC unit you need to bring the refrigerent back to condenser (pump down)

to do it properly you have to connect the manometers on the outdoor unit, can you do this on you 'diy' AC?
it can be done "by ear" but its very hazardous

to bring the fluid back to the condenser you will need these 2 valves too,


turn on the AC, let it run in cool mode, then close the upper valve (on the liquid line)
the refrigerent will be sucked in the condenser by the compressor

when the manometer show close to zero bar quickly close the bottom valve, and turn off you AC
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