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half baked

half baked

yo guys and gals need a new thread for my new set up, just got over my first crop after a lengthy break from growing and got that bug again. Had a few yrs out to get my life in order and I'm back with a bang
got my hands on some killer genetics which went into soak last night

5 Hells Angel og X mandarina (karma g fem testers)
3 sour dosidos (dank genetics)
3 sour cup cookies (dank genetics)
3 atomic sour (dank genetics)
3 sour lemonaid (dank genetics)
1 cob chem (cannarado)
1 white valley OG (cannarado)
1 ultimate kush (cannarado)
1 white IX (cannarado)
1 Mt grown kush (cannarado)


2 Dank cheese by dank genetics which is exodus X (triangle kush X white og) male is tk leaning
Also got frosted cherry cookies coming my way from a friend

The dank genetics gear is gonna be pure fire and I'm the first to try them out. They are all sour dubble crosses, last time I tried the sour dubble was in the alien rock candy and it blew my mind, some of the best tasting herb I've smoked so jumped at the chance to pop these
As for th dank cheese I did a scrog with her last round and loved the stuff

Considering it was my first time back at it and my first scrog which wasn't meant to be a scrog got 16 oz off her so had to give her another go didn't I.

The HA OG X Mandarina are testers from karma genetics, the mandarina and sour d crosses are his first fems so put my name in and got these bad boys.


Here they are as of last night, let the race begin

half baked

half baked

Things are moving along nicely

Dank cheese clone

Mandarider tester

Sour cup cookies

Room shot

Looking like I've got two non starters, 1 atomic sour and 1 sour cup cookie's but I'm keeping them in just in case
half baked

half baked

Day one bloom

I'm going to spread them out more in a few days but think it's gonna be a little busy in here in a couple of weeks, the two dank cheese clones took a hit from a very cold night in front of the intake but they're coming round massively each day so think I've sorted them
half baked

half baked

This is one of the dank cheese clones I've got and decided to try the one node and flip

these are hells angel x Mandarina testers from Karma,

these are great great vigor to them stem rub is different on all of them,
half baked

half baked

Since I started the test karma said these will be limited release, he did post up saying he no longer working with the breeder of the mandarina later on so I'm guessing that's why, still stoked to have them
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