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Hello Fellow Farmers,
As the name implies, I'm from Northern California, Central Valley region, urban area. This will be my third season of growing, but the first two crops were treated pretty much like weeds, and responded in kind. Last year I had four plants and got 1 oz between them. This year I have more time to spend working with my ladies and they're much happier than their predecessors. I started them indoors from seed (another first) and have six plants. (AK-47, Blueberry(2x), Bubblegum(2x), Girl Scout Cookies). They're all growing in pots outdoors in anticipation of hauling them inside when the blooms become aromatic. The plants are currently between 40" - 61" tall and have about 14 nodes. I thought they were going into flower the day after the summer solstice but was merely unaccustomed to seeing how the plants respond to a little kindness (I'd transplanted them into their final 12 gallon pots and began daily feeding one week prior). The plants are in plastic pots in mixed mediums (layers of coir on bottom and top with 420 soil in the middle), are getting 6 hours of direct sun, and are receiving FoxFarms supplements. They're still a little lanky but are beginning to fill out. I'm trying to work up the nerve to do my first ever topping, actually pruning of any kind other than a few fan leaves, but am concerned I may have missed my window as the videos I've seen all top them after about 4 nodes. I certainly don't want to cut off the top colas, but I'm not seeing any pistils just yet. Any thoughts or suggestions on pruning post-solstice would be much appreciated. I look forward to reading the other introductions and getting familiar with the community.
NorCal Gal

*To the site creator- Thank You! YouTube is helpful to a point, but interaction is so much better. I appreciate what you've done here.
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