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Novice grower from the industrial Midwest, very glad to join what I consider the highest quality online cannabis forum in the world today. I have 3 successful harvests under my belt and I am gearing up to plant a new crop as need dictates. I grow for myself and my several family members, all for med issues of varying degrees. It's tough to be in an unfriendly state, but the advice, information and sense of community that THCFarmer.com offers members like myself is invaluable.

Thank you all in advance for all the help you'll give me during my stay here, and thanks for all of the advice you've handed down in the past. :animbong:


Welcome Solidgold!!!
Would love to see what you grow...
You grow mainly outdoors or indoors?


Welcome to the farm, Midwest outdoor grower here, see ya on the forums!!


Thanks for the warm welcome, all!

Just as soon as I get my garden going again I will start a detailed grow thread. I grow indoors, although this summer I have plans to put out some clones in a few areas I scouted last summer/fall. I grow in coco, modified Lucas formula, 2 gal pots under a 1K air cooled HPS. This time around, though, I'm thinking about going with 2 400w CMH with supplemental fluoro lighting down below to beef up the bottom growth. I have a relatively small space and utilize a DR120 vented back into the room, sitting next to a central AC duct right at the intake.

I look forward to my time here!!!:smiley_joint:


Midwesterner eh?! We gotta stick together!! LOL

IM new as well round these parts...nice to meet ya!:smiley_joint:
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