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Been growing a few years in various ways, soil, DWC and Coco. Never had much luck DWC'ing but I built the systems poorly, found this site by accident looking up MPB's. Cool little site and I like the think big approach of MPB's no mucking about the average UK grow is 9-16 plants per light which lacks a certain panache of having 1 big beastie, I can live with extended veg times and all that.

My other interests might be the '76 Camaro or my '77 trans am, corvette next.


Hows it going desert you wont be dissapointed at this site matee. Hope you enojyy .


Welcome! I see some MPB's in someone's future...hehe
You don't need a crystal ball for that one!

I fell in love with Heath's critical mass tree grow with googling into heath's I found doubleds MPB's.

Ordered a new strain that evening and joined here the next day.

In the last week I've bought about 1/2 the equipment needed for the tree grow which I guess means it's now officially on.

Something about doubleds MPB's that I just find damn sexy.
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