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koopa troopa

wadz haninin? howdy annaC and sparo! glad to see you over here. in the next coming months, we'll have to show the farm all about the new releases. btw, did i mention how cool annaC is? let some schmuck like me name a strain... briliiant! sparo, can't wait to see what you do with those ELE males... TrIIIesel baby!!!

Steele Savage

Cool to see you an' your crew over here .

Be well ,


hello Buck :)
Nice to see you hee my friend, i hope you are feeling well and recoverd...=D
also i wanted to say that i have much respect for you and your knowledge...you are an asset for the community !! you share and teatch to the Analfacanna's (lol,a new word i invented right now )
like you did with me...wanted to thank you for that :)
hope you all the best :D
Thanks mate !


UNCLE BUCK! Hows it going my friend? It's been awhile since we spoke great to see you and Sparobis. Hope everything is well. Shoot me a pm.


Sorry for the delay everyone.

Hello to all my old friends and the new ones as well.
Thanks again for the warm welcome. So many familiar faces and a few new ones as well.

Sundance. Hello to my ole buddy. It's good to see you. I will give MoMo and Peckerhead QC a big hug just for you.

Sparo...my main man!!!!I would not be here if it were not for you bro. I am forever in your debit.

TK. It sure is good to see you here brother. It made my day to see you signed up here. Good times for everyone are ahead.

koopa...how zit hangin my good brother?!!!! you cwazy dawg

Steele.....Nothing but respect for ya my good man!!! I heard what you did/offered and I just have to say that your generosity is most overwhelming. We could use a few 100 more like you my good Brother.

Skar....It's good to hear from my Far Away Friend!!! (it shouldn't be long now!!!!)

Grizz...thank you for the welcome and the well wishes. You already make us feel at home here.

Core......It's good to see ya!!!!!..the list just keeps getting better and better. DAYUMN!!!!this is getting good.

Tragic1....I will be shooting you a pm ear shortly!!! It's great to see you also.

If I missed anyone it was not intentional.

Thank you Logic.

Love to all.


Premium Member
Hey Buck , its a pleasure to see you and the knowledge that comes with such a fine person. I'm glad to know you even if its only online


hey b,
anything for you bro...your in my debt? lmao..are you kidding me?
i'm the one's who's in debt here..you took under your wing....guided me in...altho
it was kinda stinky under the wing at times..i still love/respect you..lolol

Mosca Negra

Welcome Buck! Hope you stay a while. Only positive vibes your way!



Thanks again Everyone.
Boie Howdy I sure have been busy for someone who is trying to retire....LMAO.

Zoo,,,,it's always a pleasure to be under the same roof as you my good friend. You are an inspiration to the cannabis community and I would give anything to have just an ounce of your enthusiasm and get up and go power. Your a one of a kind and never let anyone take that from you because we need more free spirited motivated people like you around. Your top gun in my book brother and never forget it.:)

Titoon. Thank you for the welcome.

Mr. Sparo....it's your fault that you missed the unshaven spot under my wing pits!!! but then again a BBQ wing is not the first thing that we have had the joy of smelling this week now is it...ROFLMAO....(inside joke for my best bud)

Hello Sundance. My good brother it's ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from ya.
Thank you for the kudos .

Hello Mosca.
I am retiring from breeding because of health matters. Mr. Sparo is going to step up to the plate in the breeding dept and eventually run the whole ball of wax.

love to all.


From one newb here to another. Avery warm welcome to the FARM. May your stay here be fun and may the new knowledge here.

Health and happiness



Hola......+++++++karma and love your way in hopes of a prosperous life and improving health
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