Help…something is ruining my plants

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Hello, I am growing 2 plants, both photos, outside and just discovered some serious problems. The plants are on a remote piece of land and I only see them once a week or so. They grew so tall and stretched so much, they’ve gotten hard to manage.
Anyway, something is basically killing some of the buds. Not literally but the affected buds are noticeably different and have stopped producing trichomes. The white pistils appear to be dead on the tips.
Plant 1, a Jack Herer, was sailing along and began flowering 5-6 weeks ago. The problem buds appeared recently and are isolated to several of the tops. The plant is over 10ft tall and still has some nice sections that have not been affected.
Plant 2 is a Gelato OG, and looks as healthy as can be. It started flowering a good bit later than the JH. I visited them today and was shocked to see that the bud sites had not grown at all in almost 2 weeks. Upon inspection the pistils have the same thing going on…..they are black on the tips. Plus there is almost no trich production….the entire plant is like this.
I’m growing the same 2 strains indoors and expected the Gelato to lag behind, but this entire plant is showing this problem. Yet it’s leaves are all nice w/ good color and if they have bugs I don’t see them.
The pics are terrible so I apologize. I have to think this is something external going on……some kind of pest I’m guessing.
So what can I do?
The JH still has a large amount of healthy buds developing fine…..but I fear they will end up in the same state.
Is there any chance the Gelato can be treated and will resume bud building??
Helpsomething is ruining my plants 2
Helpsomething is ruining my plants
Helpsomething is ruining my plants 3


Hmm tricky... you sure there's no critters? They may have gotten pollinated by someone with males nearby... the pistils will brown prematurely because they've already done thier job of catching pollen, and bud production will slow as she focuses her energy on seed production. Not 100% saying that's what it is, but it's my best guess... could also be a pathogen in the soil/roots that you can't see. Maybe some other folks will have some ideas. Have you sprayed anything that would burn the pistils?
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