Help!! Blueberry Kush weird buds in flower

We are on about day 20-25 with these (flipped different days) and they’re acting different than the third that was flipped earlier. They are in 3g pots with soil medium. feeding them nutrients as per schedule of the food itself (nutri plus) they’re on a 12/12 schedule. indoor grow, with 2 x 600w LEDs, 1 x 1200w LED and a 635w HPS.
I hope i provided enough info, but see pics for better idea! i can’t seem to find anything online. i’m assuming some kind of stress ???

as you can see the buds on top are super small and skinny. but the buds on bottom are fine looking.
sorry i screwed that up, it’s a CMH not a HPS. and it’s 630w LOL. we ended up chopping them down and discarding them but the other plants in the same tent are acting funny now too. these babies are almost done (or so we thought) but some people say they’re not done while others say they are.

this is supposed to be strawberry cough, so i know sativa takes longer. but she is growing these new white hairs so what do you all think? i was thinking to start the flush period now, giving her two more weeks ? or should i wait two weeks before starting the two week flush?
I see the long skinny tips on the main colas and have used them as a sign of being done flowering, but it is usually looking like a big fat bud with a skinny tip or nipple on the end. Your's look different and I think something is convincing them to finish early, since your showing the signs of a fully mature plant. The 2400 watts of LED and 630 of the HID might be too much for the plants, and the amount of blue light might have caused an accelerated finish to the flowering depending on the spectrum of the LEDs. I used more blue in flowering and saw an earlier than expected finish, much like you are seeing. I used a 6 or 7K 1000w MH and had early finishing on a few plants, while those under a HPS were normal finishers. Perhaps the light spectrum was the difference?
i don't think you have provided enough information for us to provide any advice.....i can only hear panic (signs of...). Patience.

on first sight, i agree with earlier post/diagnostic heat.