Help! First Grow. Possible Pest?!?

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Hi Everyone!
This is our first grow we are growing in 2x2 tent with a 600 Watt Viparspectar LED light in a mix of fox farm ocean forest and mother earth coco plus perlite at 70 30 ratio with additional perlite added and dolomite lime. These two plants are auto flowers Brooklyn Sunrise from seed on Day 14 of Veg. Currently in 5 gallon pots. We water roughly every other day at a pH of 6.0 using Fox Farm Grow Big, Tappin Roots, Olivia's cloning solution, Cal Mag (small doses), & Advanced Nutrients Tarantula, Voodoo. Carb Load & Bud Candy. Our grow tent has been staying around 80 degrees with a Humidity of roughly 46%.

We think we have been seeing TINY bugs flying around. Our leaves are showing the below discoloration. I have been inspecting the plant daily with a 30 times magnifying glass ( i do not see anything that stands out to me as a bug) We are extremely clean and take all precautions when buying equipment, pots, ect.

Can anyone help me understand why my leaves are showing this discoloration? I am starting to think we may have Fungus Gnats. If this is the case how do i get rid of them? how did they get into my tent? is there something i am missing that can help prevent pest or do you see a different issue here?

Please HELP!

Thank you in advance! :)

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