Help!! How To Use A Fertilizer .

I got this fertilizer named Sensistar NPK ( 5-12-15 ) . Did someone ever use it ?? How to use it ??


It says : 1.3 ml per liter that means 1.3 l per 1000 liter , what i don't understand is how to use this Sensistar B ( bloom ) , it says down 1 sprinkle out 2 or 3 with water , what does it means and should I use a backpack sprayer or watering using drippers ?
This is a listing for soil/hydro/coco, which means it's intended to saturate the soil when feeding. If you are using coco, you should water every time with this mix. If you are in soil, I would apply every second or third watering, which is what the "sprinkle" instructions are telling you.

I always mix at a lower strength than the manufacturer recommends. I'd go about 3/4 strength.