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Hello guys name is Joseph I'm new here first day! I figured somone on this forum could help me.

I will try and make this short for the past 7 years I have been suffering from very severe anxiety and panick attacks it's literally ruined my life and hasn't gotten any better. About 5 years ago i smoked this strain I believe was strawberry cough cause it was very red when broken up and had this very unique strawberry smell and this rather different very sugary taste and werid tickle in my throat that I'll n very forget and that one strain out of the 50+ I have smoked melted my anxiety away all day around I felt alive and felt as if I was cured from anxiety I'll never forget it changed my life for that whole week and so ever since that I been trying to hunt it down even been trying to get in contact with Kyle kushman but haven't had any luck but I was able to get some awhile back from Denver was medical but it was not the red strawberry cough it was more green then anything also it wasn't the same but it did have the smell like strawberry cough but the one I smoked 7 years ago didn't give me cotton mouth, gave me energy, focus, was like a sleep aid but didn't get me tired and drowsy untill it was time to lay down for bed and this recent one did everything opposite so I was confused so I thought maybe it was mixed with another strain so I did alot of reaserch. I basically went off of all the best strains for all the ways the strawberry cough made me feel and there were only 3 top strains that were mixed with strawberry cough they were (strawberry jack) which is strawberry cough x Jack herer. (Strawberry dream) which was strawberry cough x blue dream. (Strawberry cookies) which was strawberry cough x girl scout getting ready in a week to go hunt it down again but I'd like to know what strains I should get so Any help is appreciated I'm definitely needing all the help I can get. I am not smoking to get high I'm smoking so I can fix my life and turn it around so please any knowledge would be very appreciated. If anyone knows anyone thats alot about weed I'd be more then happy to talk on the phone. Thank you guys


For long term relief I would look into two things. 1. Micro dosing mushrooms. I literally got rid of severe panic attacks forever after doing a 2 month micro dosing program of psylocibin mushrooms. At the end of the 2 months I ate a full 1/8.
2. CBD. Start a daily CBD dose, it can help a ton with anxiety, look into vapes for instant relief or tinctures for longer lasting relief. Good luck!
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