Help me with my roots?

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I just chopped this short but chunky auto Super Skunk today and was curious what shape the roots were in.
This plant grew for almost 18 weeks before it finally started showing a few amber trichs. It grew little foxtail calyces with thick white hairs that didn’t all finally turn and recede until a couple weeks ago. It also was in full flower from around day 26-27…..all in all she flowered for 14 weeks and still only has around 10% amber trichs.
As slow as she moved, her two sisters are still under the lights. They are a totally different pheno and will need at least another week.
Anyway, I chopped and pulled the rootball. I have no idea what the roots are supposed to look like after 18 weeks of growing in a 3 gal pot in 100% Ocean Forest…..but I expected more. There was a few super thin strands of roots that broke off and stayed in the soil but not much.
So I ask you…what’s the state of these roots??
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