help needed please

my plants seem to be yellowing from the bottom up, never had this before not doing anything different than normal except feeding them monkey juice grow by advanced at 1ml per litre as they are young, same is happening to my clones, any help or how to remedy be great help
biobizz wasnt using meter as not done for 2 years but just did ph reading was 7ish so put down to 6 and added bit more feed see if that helps, you thinks thats ok ?
looks like they could be flushed and balance the ph in the soil.. as well I'd give them a BN N 27 feed.. when the green comes back into the new nodes I'd clip away the yellow leaf.. veg them a little longer.. this happened to me I found the soil ph to be high but the water I was using was a ph of 6.5.. I think there was a salt build up and when you don't know flush it out..leave it dry out before you feed again..
good point baron.. do you use feed each time you water.. I used to water once a week with clean water and then feed.. I was doing the wrong thing at the time but i learned from it..
I feed everytime with nutrients something I've always done. I might just go back to canna base nutes never had this problem before


i think Ur ph is too low just put ur nutrients in your water and test after .... surprise it's good :p
Yes, maybe the pH is not correct, I understand it should be between 6 and 7, that is slightly acid. You should measure the pH of water after you have added the nutrient to it. I think it is better to use les fertiliser sometimes, rather than more. They are weeds after all.
I have had the same poblem, for me, lowering the ph to 6 worked well.

Also it could be a salt build up or someting else.. You could try flushing your pant with water and a mild but complete N-P-k solution, add three times the volume of your medium(ex; 10L pot= 30L water with just a little grow from biobizz or in your case, monkey juice grow), then wait untill the soil feels dry before feeding as normal again.

Could also be over feedng, if the soil feels soggy the roots might not be able to take up any nutes and they shrivel and die. Do not think this is your case but it is important not to over feed, I had to learn the hard way and my Mako sufferd... RIP *
thats a nitrogen deficiency mate. your plant looks fine apart from the yellowing leaves.

put in a one off feed of your bio-grow(veg nutes) at a higher dose. say at 1/2 stated dose on bottle so will be 2ml per litre,the colour will come back to some of the yellowing leaves but probably not all so wait till their 50%+ damaged before removing them.
what bio-bizz soil are you using, the all mix or the light mix?

Texas Kid

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Just look hungry.....Flush and balance the soil and start over with your feeding regime...nitrogen dose for sure..

A friend of mine had the same leafs and 3 different experienced growers couldn't help him!?

Wasn't water, no ferts, pH and EC was alright, we changed the airventilation, light!
Different strains!
Nobody knows how to help him,so we took box, wasn't that big and carried it in the neighbourroom and all was fine until today!?

So we don't know what happens, perhaps some bad vibes in there?

Wish you all good luck!

add some nitrogen to ur base that should get rid of yellowing.Its lower growth so nitrogen was needed u r ok keep feeding veg. formula.