Help With Slow Drying While Away

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I am chopping 2 plants on 12/2 and hanging them whole in a 2x4x8 tent to dry. I am leaving on 12/3 and won't be home to check them until 12/9, so I need them to dry low and slow until I get back. I will not be wet trimming or cutting off any leaves to slow down the process.

I have an inkbird wifi humidity controller, a dehumidifier and a humidifier, so I plan on setting them to maintain my humidity 55-60%. The tent is in a small bathroom with the external duct going out through the bathroom fan into the attic. I have a 4" extraction fan with a charcoal filter that I plan on running on low to maintain negative pressure drawing fresh air in and keeping odor down.

The temperature will be maintained to stay between 65-69 degrees.

Would this setup keep them from drying too fast while I am away? My first run dried too fast and never got rid of the hay smell. I do not want to mess this run up, but I need it to dry slow until I return.

I plan on setting up everything in the bathroom and letting the air intake draw the controlled air through the tent continuously and no fans running in the tent.

Suggestions? Is this the correct way?
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