Hemp pollen in Southern Oregon

Are there other farmers in Southern Oregon finding more seed in your bud than like ever? Jackson county has 8500+ acres in hemp production. Of course people are complaining about the smell and predicting the growers will flood the market and lose a lot of money. I don’t understand why they can’t just grow clones of females. They don’t want males.


A lot of growers prefer to go the regular way, where you have a 50-50 chance of being male or female. The normal variations that are found in plant genetics is MUCH greater that those found in clones or from feminized seeds. If you want all of your plants to be identical, cloning or feminized seeds are your best bet, but experimenting with males/females is where a lot of the variations come from that growers are on the lookout for.
It's a matter of preference. In nature, there is a lot of genetic crossing that occurs naturally. Farmers aren't like nature as they typically plant on strain only.