Hermie seeds


I just joined the forum.

I discovered an autoflowering hermie in my grow. I have a few plants from different types of seeds and some unknown. About 2 month from seed one plant started to get balls. Light is 18 hours per day.

Now I'm not sure what to do. The thing is that this plant was extra bushy and good growth and if it's autoflowering too it would be good for outside growing in my country up north.

A little more info:
There was a light leak over this plant, but light is 18/24. I did change the light on off period too by leaving the lights on longer. Still 18/24 but more convinient times. Another thing is that it's been close to a light that has warmer spectrum of light than the others.

So I'm not sure if it is a true hermie or stressed induced from my limited experience. But it has way more balls than hairs. Altough more hairs are starting to show on the tops and a few sidestems has hairs along the side too and less balls than the other.

My delemma is it worth to grow and get seeds to plant outside next year? It's not so easy for me to get new seeds.
If I decide to grow seeds how long do I have to wait before I can remove it?
Will the other plants be safe to start flowering after I removed it or will there be pollen around for a long time?

What happens if I pollinate another plant with that pollen?

How are the seeds likely to be regarding selfpollinating and other plant?

Thanks! :)