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Hey everyone long time no see. Sad to see my old stuff i had on here is gone but oh well were in a new chapter in this anyway 😁. Ive done mainly indoor 16-24 light grows garages/living rooms/bedrooms. Also ran full outdoor few seasons with good luck i ran sunset sherbert and god damn she was a beauty and giver would always run ocean forest with extra added perlite and have always watered straight water first couple weeks then introduced veg lightly after that always seemed good! i was running advanced sensi a and b and using big bud overdrive bud candy and power si. been out the game at least 4 years solid and i want todive right into it. only thing is that now i got offered a city limits backyard spot. got 2 forsure but could be 3. now he wants to do a winter run; let me start by saying he got this idea from me one day when we were smoking and chatting about a fellow friends december crop out of his greenhouse. not aiming for profit at all he got rock solid nugs super frosty (gg4) running happy frog and ocean forest mix in 3 gallon pots! i repeat in 3 gallon pots. ive seen people use 5 gallons and the plants dont drink as fast here in the winter (40 degrees or so CENTRAL VALLEY) he told me he would only water the plants 1-2 times every two weeks with run off. im thinking small container and sea of green fast veg and flip and cover them 12/12 and bam. especially if i run ICC or crashers or even a fire gelato cut i should be in business. really looking for that winter frost/color bag appeal. times are tough need nothing less than the best!!!!!! also what is a new easy nutrient? i was interested in athena nutrients but i know its a little commerical i just need robust flowers not looking for basic salts like veg bloom maybe something easy and organic and please chime in on the winter months and container sizes. thank you! also plan on running a small heater few hours at night, -notplayin👽
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