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Hi guys

I started dwc a year ago. I run 4 x 4 gallon buckets under a 250 watt hps

I have a mother under t5's and recently bought a mars hydro ts600 to pregrow and then flip them to 12-12 under the hps.

I clip 8 cuttings every 8 weeks and my mother plant is under 16h light regime.

I used to grow organic on soild but I changed to dwc because of the low effort high results with the biggest upside is not having to dispose of your growing media. Even under a 250watt hps it ads up when using soild.

I also did some guerrilla and outdoor grows both with organic and mineral fertilizer. Taste and quallity (even the high) I prefer organic always. But I can't be moving 60-90 liters of soild out of my home every 8 weeks.

Hope to learn some more about dwc.
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