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Greetings Growers.
I am super stoked about HLG right now and I just want you all to know how awesome they are if you’re in the market for an outstanding LED light.

I purchased an HLG550v2 a little over a year ago. This is an amazing light and will grow some fat resinous buds. But a few months ago I noticed the white plastic around the diodes was peeling off. Now this was not a super big deal as it didn’t seem to effect the performance of the light. But it did look like shit. I decided I’d shoot them an email about it, but never got a round to it.

The other day I was listening to the GML show and Steven Johnson from HLG got a question about the same issue. He said they got a bad batch of adhesive and it was a warranty issue. Just send them an email. So I did, with a picture of the ID plate on the back of the light. I got a response the next day stating “Yup, just send us your info and we’ll send out a replacement.” Surprised by the excellent customer service I decided to press my luck. I emailed back and told them I was kicking myself because a month after I bought my 550 they came out with the 550 RSPEC. And if they were going to replace the whole light anyway, I’d be willing to pay a little more for the newer model.

I got a response back in less than an hour saying “Hey Brother, it’s no problem at all. Shipping you out an RSPEC. Here’s the tracking number.”

Now THAT is a company that takes care of their customers!!! Thank you Horticulture Lighting Group.


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Props to HLG. Still using my led fixture from them I bought over a year ago. Haven’t noticed any peeling on my boards. I was thinking about upgrading to three 288 boards vs the 2 im running now with a large space in the middle. Will need to upgrade the power supply as well but that’s not hard.
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