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Hi, I’m planning my first grow.. I’ve been researching non stop for 2 weeks now and I hate making decisions.

I’m purchasing a 4x4 tent (maybe 5x5). I’m thinking about getting 2 HLG 320 v2 r-spec kits and maybe adding in 1 CMH or HPS.

I really want to go heavy on LED, but thought it might be good to supplement with other types of lights to maximize spectrum and all that jazz. Also, I’m leaning QB, but do you think COB would be better? Everything I’ve read is from like 2 years ago and I’m not sure how things may have changed (experiences, tests, etc).

I want to buy quality lights. I’m only doing this as a hobby, so I’m more worried about quality than quantity - but big yields would obviously be welcome lol.

Any suggestions for the ultimate light setup?


Oh, and I’m only getting one tent for now, so the lighting will be from seed through flower.


that amount of light seems like enough. are you planning on running co2?
From what I read I think I need to, but I haven’t gotten that far with my research.

I figure I’ll get the lighting (and decent ventilation if running some HPS or MH) nailed down, then dive into soil composition, nutrients/water and co2.

One step at a time haha. Although my limited research tells me I should consider adding co2 for LED.
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