Hobby sized dep tent design

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I’ve recently been given a hoop house by a neighbor. Naturally I stuffed a few skunk no 1 in there w some Skywalker OG and I’ve been pulling a tarp over some hoops inside the hoop. It’s a lot of hoops to jump through. Looking for a design for a small hoop house dep tent.

I’ve seen the auto motor on eBay that rolls your tarp and can figure that part out. I plan to put a swamp cooler up to one end, keep it covered w poly and a 30% shade cloth. I’m wondering what the end walls are made of typically. Plywood and silage film? Tyvek? Someone knows how a small hoop style end wall is put together.

I’d love to hear how it’s done before I have to redesign the wheel.

Mucho Garcia.
And may the four winds blow you safely home.
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