Hola amigos!

My name is Pablo Diaz, I live in Colombia, south America and I am a new grower.

I have been granted a license to grow both cbd and thc in my farm (as well as a seedbank permit), but for now I have bought a vivosun 3x3 tent and a Phlizon 1500w cob to get some practice at home (I am very new at this lol).

I have a lot of Colombian seeds from many landrace/etc varieties but since things were illegal here (for obvious reasons lol) there's no way to know which is which.

It would be amazing if anyone could please give me some pointers/tutorial/classes/etc on growing so that my gf and I can start growing correctly and happily!

Not to mention learn before we grow up to 12 hectares of cbd and 1 hectare of thc in our farm!!!

I have coffee, dried organic basil (our farm is organic certified) , Colombian landrace seeds and dried mangosteen powder (antioxidant powder @74 xanthones) <- we process it ourselves! Here's a link to what it does.


I would be more than happy to give you whichever you prefer in exchange for knowledge on everything cannabis, from germinating to curing/extracting/etc ect.

Thank you for your time and attention guys!

Your friends in the south,

Pablo & Martha
I’m curious what the “obvious reasons for it being illegal” are?
Welcome to the farm. Do you grow the coca?

Ilegal Drug trafficking slowed down the legal cannabis process since ilegal drug traffic funds terrorism.

Thank you for question! Cheers.