Homemade LST Solution (perfect for fabric pots)

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Hell yeah very nice!! I’ve never LST this early and this AGGRESSIVE. This has been more of a test for curiosity as it was a free seed and I want to see how much abuse she can take without actually dying. I think I’m done tying her down low at this point and will let her grow vertically and do one final lean back tie down on each branch.
That’s the spirit! 🍻


GG#4 seems to be growing in a lot of gardens right now…is there a GG#4 seed or is it a cut from the original? My local hydro shop is claiming to have a GG#4 cut they “got from someone”.
I don't know where the guys I got the seeds from got their supply. I went into the Grow Op Shop about a year ago as I can remember and they had bulk seeds $5 each minimum 3 seeds, I bought $60 worth of a variety, GG#4, Gelato, PlatinumOG, & GSC They are all fantastic plants and popped. I went in again last spring for more and they only have the name brand stuff now in fancy packaging 5 seeds for $60.
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