Well, I'm making another 1/2 zip of HHO grease from a 1/4 lb of DJ Short BB bud here pretty quick. I have some Glycerin on the way. I'm hoping that the HHO will dissolve into the glycerin to make a more fluid sublingual tincture.
Funny, I'll be working with a TW X DJS BB cross here real soon as well. She is a great producer and she turns very purple before coming down in 8 weeks. She smells exactly like Grape Koolaid.
So, I bought 2 Original Honey Bee extractors, to try BHO, which have yet to arrive and two Stainless steel turkey basters. I guess you fill the basters, cover the large end with a screen or coffee filter and spray down through the tiny hole..? Anyone know about how much Butane I should shoot through the baster..?


Not yet JW....have just purged the small pot in boiling water but it still needs more purging under constantly boiling water. Am smoking some of the HHO that was on the evap tray right now - had to use iso to get it off and then evap that - but it's lovely....delicious in fact. Loving the R1 bowl to smoke it in too. Will try some HHO with glycerine after I've got the hang of the tinctures...just don't want to waste any precious hex or HHO. Any day soon I'm going to refine that killer TW bubble using the hex though, and maybe I'll make tinc from that (jeez, can you imagine? those would be some trippy drops)