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For example just using a refurbished Weller instant soldering gun (or clone) coupled to some cheap nichrome heater coil wrapped around an SiC Foam puck that conveniently tuens dim-red in seconds... At least those are heavy-duty.


60 views in a single day?!

Maybe that alone should prove satisfying enough... But here's some more hint anyway, for your trouble:

Or maybe a detailed search might add to this context:

Egzoset "Google Photos" "Semi DiY Challenge(s)" "David vs Goliath Burst-mode Sling Analogy [480x230] .PNG" "(2019-Nov-28)"​

There's got to be ghosts left in the machine somewhere, about temporarily storing energy instead of going slow/steady with a thermostatic scenario... Taking full advantage of material thermal characteristics as when juxtaposing ordinary metals with SiC Foam in a transitory perspective.



WTF is all i have to say
delete this member please mods


WTF is all i have to say
delete this member please mods

Oh, another friend of, euh... M'well, the catalog of my enemies accumulated since 2010 has grown even without me around. Fidelities, trafic of influence, i call this the YouYouMi Nation these days: just obstruct because, fueling hate propagande without ever addressing the topic, like a true communist from China, or Russia. Way to go champion! Now lets gring the rest of the hurd together, it's been so long...


Euh... For those who'd read further anyway, the rest can be found out there:

Semi DiY Challenge(s)​

By the way, in case some visitors happen to be into DiY projects please be informed there's a "kit" selling for 72 $ US:

Duocel Ceramic (SiC) Sample Kit​

In addition this is a stimulating detail to remember in Bi/Tri Energy scenarios:

Electrical Conductivity​
Duocel® ceramic foam can be used in electrochemical processes that require low electrical and fluid flow resistance.​
This is attributable to the reticulated vitreous carbon core encapsulated within the ceramic that has high electrical conductivity.​
Which implies it can even get "excited" using an IH Driver, but i figure in the radio range instead. Unfortunately i couldn't find much hints about that special feature. This is more reading i checked:

Silicon Carbide (Foam)​

At least it provide some fairly accessible explanation:
Thermal Conductivity

Silicon carbide (SiC) has high thermal conductivity. Because of the high surface area of Duocel® foam, heat transfer to/from fluids flowing through the foam is greatly accelerated.
Great for Pulse Heating applications i guess, since 1967!

It already been done before, just not yet...

Now please lets welcome the true star of the day! 😎


ERG Materials & Aerospace Corp. 60 ppi Duocel SiC foam (2018-Sep-18)
7.76 mm (thick) x 13.66 mm (dia.) ± 0.5 %

Too bad the units don't full match with my table, yet this is taken from the manufacturer's own datasheets:

Bulk Thermal Conductivity: 5.28 W/m•°C @250 °C​
Specific Heat Capacity: 0.200 J/g-°C @-150 °C; 1.40 J/g-°C @ 1450 °C​
Thermal Conductivity: 1.34 ~ 2.87 W/m-K @1450 °C​

And that's what it looks inside, under a microscope:


Finally that's the hint i refered to about its electrical conductivity:
UF Induction Heating Calculation Tool

As a bonus i'll include the text-only version of my table, just in case i needs a modification:

Diamond Thermal Conductivity:         1000 ~ 2200 W/m•°K
Diamond Specific Heat Capacity:        509 J/Kg•°K

Silver Thermal Conductivity:           406 ~ 429 W/m•°K
Silver Specific Heat Capacity:         234 ~ 236 J/Kg•°K

Copper Thermal Conductivity:           385 ~ 397.48 W/m•°K
Copper Specific Heat Capacity:         385 J/Kg•°K

Gold Thermal Conductivity:             310 ~ 314 W/m•°K
Gold Specific Heat Capacity:           125.604 ~ 130 J/Kg•°K

Aluminum Thermal Conductivity:         205 ~ 247 W/m•°K
Aluminum Specific Heat Capacity:       887 ~ 921 J/Kg•°K

Bulk SiC Thermal Conductivity:         120 ~ 350 W/m•°K (5-fold drop in foam)
Bulk SiC Specific Heat Capacity:       750 J/Kg•°K

Zinc Thermal Conductivity:             100 ~ 116 W/m•°K
Zinc Specific Heat Capacity:           380 ~ 389 J/Kg•°K

Iron Thermal Conductivity:              79.5 ~ 94 W/m•°K
Iron Specific Heat Capacity:           462 J/Kg•°K

Nickel Thermal Conductivity:            67 ~ 106 W/m•°K
Nickel Specific Heat Capacity:         452 J/Kg•°K

Steel Thermal Conductivity:             45 ~ 50.2 W/m•°K
Steel Specific Heat Capacity:          460 ~ 468 J/Kg•°K

SS-430 Thermal Conductivity:            26.1 ~ 26.1 W/m•°K
SS-430 Specific Heat Capacity:         450 ~ 480 J/Kg•°K

SS-316 Thermal Conductivity:            13.53 W/m•°K
SS-316 Specific Heat Capacity:         468 ~ 470 J/Kg•°K

Ceramic Thermal Conductivity:            3.8 ~ 180 W/m•°K
Ceramic Specific Heat Capacity:        850 J/Kg•°K

Glass Thermal Conductivity:              0.8 ~ 1.05 W/m•°K
Glass Specific Heat Capacity:          792 J/Kg•°K

Liquid Water Thermal Conductivity:       0.6 W/m•°K @ 20 °C
Liquid Water Specific Heat Capacity:  4181 ~ 4186 J/Kg•°K

Air Thermal Conductivity:                0.024 ~ 0.03 W/m•°K
Air Specific Heat Capacity:              1.005 J/Kg•°K @ constant pressure (IsoBaric)
Air Specific Heat Capacity:              0.718 J/Kg•°K @ constant volume

Water Vapor Thermal Conductivity:        0.023 W/m•°K @ 20 °C
Water Vapor Specific Heat Capacity:   1966 J/Kg•°K

Sorted by order of "Thermal Conductivity".

M'well, the hard part is done and i ain't getting paid for it! 🤔


Not really having a conversation here brother.

Tossing out a bunch of ideas, facts, and scientific theories is just storing/listing information, not apply or sharing it.

Wish you the best with your project.


Not really having a conversation here brother.
Not really making a revelation neither, lets just look at the evidence:

Weapon Of Mass Seduction (2018-Mar-15)​
Electro-magnetic (IH) power injectors and a need to get rid of ghosts in the machine! (2020-Jul-25)​

Maybe i just want to document a sort of communist-style behaviour characteristic of the « YouYouMi Nation » previously mentioned; others call it the Dark/Shadow web and yet i count 140+ "views" so far... Go figure, while the "science" was there before anyway, long long ago as a matter of fact, e.g. as far as 1969 if we're going to refer to JAi's Curie Point Pyrolyzer and its 21 temperature-specific PyroFoils, probably patentend before you were born!

Of course there's an obvious absence of dialog and nobody needs to be a story teller nor read telepathically into minds to see that. At least i won't be caught pretending to be a fellow of the NASA, yano, as on FuckCombustion! Also, who can forget the Loto Labs episode! Or when my 2010 IH ideas ultimately gravitating around the Noflame+ got hashly ignored - at 1St (...) - only to be rebranded under the "SJK" labbel so to allow a transfer of "fame" on FuckCombustion instead.

Who cares in the meantime, as long as a « Materials Selection » list just became accessible for those who had forgot, along the path... At the moment both Specific Heat Capacity & Thermal Conductivity are in display together, sorted in later order so now we can compare numbers, for your own convenience and that of real (yet still eventual...) contributors. Try not to get confused, the title remains a question:

How about DiY?

In case it wasn't clear enough.

The Weller instant soldering gun + a Duocel kit cost less than a couple hundred canuck bucks, that's a fraction of the personal money i spent on these experiments never Replicated Independently, despite multiple invitations, which is the basics for anyone criticizing science-inspired discussion, or monologue when decent minds get scared away by the Snif 'n Liche squad... Like it was never witnessed it before.

Actually my present topic ain't even supposed (and neither required) to feel as entertainment for consumerists. As explained here and there i defend a right for the average citizen to explore the unexplored having no obligation to submit TV stuff, no promisses except to remain myself all along, e.g. 1 alias, 1 cannabic-friendly identity, all too easy/convenient for the haters club to target.

M'well it's a sunny morning so i'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe the underground exchange of private messages will prove succesful in performing nothing but censorship, good for you if that succeeds. Though i'd be most surprized if you could also manage to bend the laws of nature and so on!

So much for a pleasant interlude! It saddens me badly - not.

Good day, have fun!! 🕊️
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A little bit more input after a couple weeks of, aHummm... "Reflexion":

Just add a permanent magnet to create a "bias" field and turn it into a "pickup" not dissimilar from what's on an electric guitar, except this setup can also heat a coil and/or output a magnetic alternating (A.C.) field potentially capable of "exciting" an IH heater element as well, assuming one is using a frequency-adjustable power source to change from 60 Hz to something above the audible range, around twice the former analog NTSC TV horizontal scan of 15734.26 Hz, for example. E.G. lower than the usual chineese-sourced "modules" so to explore heating by magnetic hystereris instead of eddy currents.

In any case that core is made of a long folded metal foil that won't crack nor explode under stress situations, it's bad enough to have doubts with circuitry at least such impedance-matching transformer should manage taking a fair bit of punishment during experimentation.

The easy part about microphonics only required minutes and went quite straightforward. Using a metal tool to hit the improvised flux-concentrating core i could clearly hear the mechanical shocks, even some elastic modulation in the air-core selenoïd (if touched accidentally). That's absolutely safe with no power applied anywhere (with the cord unglugged), and yet sufficient to illustrate a most convenient way to eliminate a need for displays and keyboards as such dynamic transducer will practically turn into some sort of speaker too, more like a vibrator but more than plenty to generate confirmation signals in response to tap-commands anyway.

The next step i guess might be to attach this to an IH cooker base, in replacement of its pancake workcoil. Oh well, why bother already having my venerable customized Vg pipe working the same as it did 4 ~ 5 years ago... Reliable and sturdy, even after it fallen to the floor more times than i cared to count as it's so relaxing in the rocking chair under the morning sunrays! Why would a retired elder want the agravation of a project that was already possible when i introduced a few fair interventions on the subject in 2010 (~12 years ago)!

Maybe the next calendar event to exploit could be on father's day, go figure.


P.S.: The push-button had to be taped to keep it on...
Weller Instant Soldering Handgun model 8200 500x640
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M'well perhaps before even contemplating an involvement into any IH-related DiY project i might first want to think of a ready-made alternative as this one featured with some suitable flux-concentration core, seen on YouTube:

Camouflet Inductor - Camouflet induction heater demo of the Convector, Anvil & Dani Fusion vapes (2023-Apr-28)​

But i have no interest for what's inside and since i already got my own favourite casing in mind anyway it's an unlikely purchase so far.

One thing i did acquire without a second thought months ago was actually known as the Eyce « Hammer Bubbler » but i wasn't aware of anything about it so it was only an example of near-compulsive buying based on instinct. And naturally that day in the hidden part of our local "smoke shop", whatever, the moment i saw it i requested to hold it in my hands: a lapse of instinct was telling me someday i could regret not bringing one home should i have bad luck with my glass one...


Considering the affordable cost of such insurance against broken glass i eventually picked my favourite colour mix and walked right to the counter, still not knowing for sure how i'd manage to benefit from a *SMOKER* device.

Back home i didn't search the web for a manufacturer's web site and seemed short of inspiration, so it stayed on the "Back Burner" for months. Then the recent canicule wave stimulated my need for entertainment i guess and hence this was the result:

Waterless Setup 2013 by Egzoset Cust VG Bowl  Cust Eyce Hammer Bubbler 590x640

Next, this is the main aspect causing the whole setup to switch from smoker to vaporist status:

Egzosets Cust VG Bowl in Waterless Semi DiY Flexible Setup 2023 Jul 21 450x360

It's made of heat-tolerant silicone and the manufacturer appears to have so much faithful confidence in it that the actual presence of a synthetic material close to the very exit of an intensely-heated bowl still didn't raise a "purist" flag, while mine has and it's better to please purists than displease them by even remotely risking contamination the sacred cannabic stream directly at its source! Yet i left behind ~12 mm of this inner silicone tube simply to wrap around the base of a VaporGenie Classic Bowl and then fold back on itself to stiffen its grip a bit further. A custom-made VG-compatible Bowl could as well exploit the locking ridge where a glass bowl usually installs, above the silicone cap. In any case this accessory, clone or not, happens to provide a perfect opportunity to experiment with my No brainer Full-Metal Customized (Aluminium) VaporGenie "Top", e.g. using my a PERMANENT « PinHole » system not connected via my handle. Though the bong cavity does provide a "purging" hole of its own and that's no trivial detail as it does enhance the experience indeed! If not play an essential role...


Notice all the excess plastic i was able to remove without impairing the end goal, with the benefit of a practically indestructible bong:
Egzosets Cust VG Pipe with Alt Hybrid Core  No Brainer On Top 1 Cut PH Path 2023 Jul 21

Except there's a trade-off, of course... Cutting the inner tube implies denial of the Water Bubbling function, unless it's replaced with a more noble material that is. It turns out i prefer the bong with no water to spill around anyway.

Good day, have fun!! ☮️
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Well, that one sure proved being more fun than expected on 1st sight.

It started modestly like this:
Egzosets 2023 Waterless Setup 700x720

Then ended up like that:
Egzosets Semi DiY Waterless Setup 2023 Aug 14 800x460

In the present experiment a 3rd-party accessory was trimmed to the bones then valorized by adding a new genuine function (from re-using part of that trim)...

To be honest the blue/green "flex-valve", as i might start to tag it, happened to work best with my fully-customized VG Alu. Handle (+ "Full-Metal" Top + "Hybrid Core" + Direct "On-Top" "Core-PinHole(s)"...) and that's a matter of angles vs eye-contact on the SiC puck, watching for its surface to turn dim-red while torching it.

This still performed reasonably well in conjunction with such a cust. "Hammer Bubbler' that got its internal water plunger cut off (and consequently can't support its water feature any longer), the bright side of that trade-off having to do with the soft/flexible refurbished silicone tube behaving as a pinched valve, connected to an equally-refurbished HerbalAire MouthPiece.

The main purpose is to assist in separating my initial "Pre-Heating" phase (#1) from its release/transport counter-part (#2) concluding with final inhalation, then exhale(s). Reduction of exposure to butane-related contaminants is optimized while significantly simplifying the design to cope with alternate Hybrid Cores that still require to climb the learning curve: look ma! No more metal disc!! ... But a lot of burnt material in the ashtray as i just never fully managed operating the original Classic VG pipe.

At least it's OKay to get rid of time-frozen thermo-static reasoning, not to mention my « Micro-Bursting » consumption method practically only exists in a transition between TWO phases, e.g. before it's too soon and after it's too late. Others elsewhere may have tagged it as "indirect", which must be relative to "clean-burning" blue-flame butane being present i guess.

Anyway, remember this David vs Goliath slingshot analogy i once made about « Burst » mode (*)?

Operation begins with phase #1 where energy buildup is performed until the temporarily-stored reserve matches its intended "WorkLoad", be it coarse dry flower shredding, hashich, etc.: it has potential to adapt, depending on skills. The long original Flame-Catcher + Monobloc VG cavity used to promote self-extinguishing years ago when i decided to drop yellow flames (hint of incomplete burning synonymous of contaminants) and switched to Pre-Heating via torch "Jet" flames: extra-hot exhaust gases accumulated, so it was motive enough to cut short VG wood Spheres and Monoblocs unless they were also meant for yellow "Bic" flames. Eventually i realized i also preferred my Hybrid Core to be relocated closer to its workload, to improve « Pulse Heating » - see partial close-up view (insert box) on my recycled VaporGenie Classic bowl, featured with a twin-cut "universal" screw-base compatible PinHole system, almost unnoticeable on my illustration.

In retrospective the fun part takes place *AFTER* pre-heating is over, e.g. i move away my fire, which set things in full motion as my new custom-made "flex-valve" (silicone tube) straigtens up at last (it was previously pinched before). The outcome is generation of a gentle puffing decompression leading to phase #2, the "Release"/"Transport" of minuscule air-suspended resinous droplets inside a heat-dispersion cavity, optionally hosting a cotton swab to trap dust better if needed - another occasion perhaps to trade-off cotton for reclaims...


What buzzword should it be? How about a label similar to « Flip 'n Toke » except it's the other way around. It's nearly instinctive to aim for more visual feedback from the SiC Core, which results in bending the soft silicone flex-tube so it's pinched holding that handle at an angle to torch it...

It felt most intuitive, even entertaining to choke airflow to an absolute minimum still capable of preventing the flame to extinguish because of its own exhaust, then proceed conveniently with the next phase knowing an effort was just made to deal more seriously with butane-related contaminants.

It's simply the removal of fire which naturally induces a foreseable posture change between pinched and not pinched status, so how could it bet more K.I.S.S. than that?!!

Phase #1 = pinched Pre-Heating;​
Phase #2 = inhalation at non-pinched rate using secondary heat source...​

I done my best to physically restrict contamination (and carbonic gas) on top of accomodating blue "clean-burning" butane flames - a trade-off in exchange for modest self-watered conditioning, but in pocket format!!

In addition lets consider such moisturization effectively put an end to frequent coughs that ruined the day - not a trivial feature.

I figure perhaps the smaller Bronze-Sherlock post-vaporisation cavity might feel more suitable, unfortunately the angle ain't right. By chance my cust. VG Alu handle shines high, but only in a solitary vaporist heaven as no brave pioneers showed up to take my old/still pending independant duplication challenge.

Spare yourselves the hard work and frustration, all it takes to hack the Eyce Hammer Bubbler is some fine cutting tool like sharp cisors - and a solid DiY confidence. Although the transformation promisses a raise of sturdiness and reliability please keep in mind a VG Classic wood Sphere can still fall and crack, or burn (then gradually disintegrate)...


That August 14 layout focusses on finding a robust solution capable of lasting years in "normal use".

Of course it relies on qualities of the butane lighter and that's not free, so it's more incentive to adopt brief pre-heating time, to avoid overheat damage. The expense is like that for a few pizzas and these are the kind paying back anyway, because constant use by an ex-smoker translates into recurrent economies over a lifetime - or vaporist career.

Take a political stand by denying the bigots their precious money which causes so much socio-toxic politi¢ally-driven stress! In return you obtain a fine health-wise smoker replacement sparing nearly half of the sacred holy noble molecules, not sacrificed just to keep a fire alive anymore!! E.g. we can enjoy BOTH halves and even dream of other enhancements, like induction applied to Curie alloys - and more, etc...

In The Name Of Children (on Planet Itnoc)!! ☮️
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