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Hi I’m new. And my very first post here. I see a lot of great pictures and love this magical plant As I have been on medical MJ for 4 years now and the cost is eating me alive so I applied for my grow license and I am currently in the process of possibly starting my own grow. As soon as my License arrives I will probably start off buying a clone to get rolling. Anyway(I just smoked a big fat GG#4 blunt so excuse me for I ramble off on stupid shit). aNYWAY... to the point....

I see a lot of great pictures of all these grows with beatifull colors and buds but I never see how BIG the stems are or leaves are. Meaning, can anyone take pictures of their plants in VEG mode with a tape measure, measuring the biggest leaf and the biggest part of the main stem? and put in a few things for me About your grow so I can make a good decision on what to get for my new grow? Like for instance:

1. do you grow organically? Meaning,
indoor growing Organic(if you don’t do organic you can do this anyway, keep reading), like NO pesticides or hormones, or liquid fertilizers. oNLy using fertilizers that are from organic matter.
2. What type of light do you use?
3. Medium?
4. What kind of container do you use?
5. What does your feeding contain and how often do you feed?
6. How many weeks are you in veg mode?

Just curious to see if anyone has a picture of their biggest leaf and main stem with a measuring tape in the picture so we can see who has the biggest. Remember it’s got to be indoor, and the plant has to be in VEG not bloom.

Thank you for your kindness and time if you chose to participate and help a new farmer out. Cheers!
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