How close to put LED to plants?

Hey guys, I have a Vipar B2X4 600w (360w actual draw) LED and Il be starting my grow soon.

Im unsure of how far away to have it from the plants, if somebody could clue me in that would be great.

Thanks in advance guys!
My 1000 wt grow bloom recommends 1meter for grow & 30 inches for bloom
I just wanted to share an update. I currently have a 360 watt LED over 6 plants. On some tops, they are 6 inches away and actually doing wonderful. I was surprised, I kept them at like 12-18 inches last batch
For veg you want 24"-30"
For flower you want it closer to 18"
I'm a total newbie but I own a vipar spectra 600w reflector series as well. I started my clones under a 315w cmh but moved them to the led once I transplanted them. I noticed that my plants (which I just transplanted into 2 gal cloth pots) are starting to yellow a bit. After reading what you suggested tags420, I moved my led up to 24" and gave them a good feed through 2 days ago, I had been going too light on the fertilizer, I think, but with the last feed through I used the recommended amount. I'm using medi-1 fertilizer and coconut soil. My questions are; is my light too close and thats whats causing the yellowing (one leaf is even curling up a bit, little brown on the tip)? And the next question is; how often should I be feeding them, they're about 8-10" tall but not filling out lower on the stem. I'm getting all kinds of different advice, feed feed water/feed feed feed feed water, or with coconut soil the guy at the garden center said I could water and feed more frequently than that and way more than regular soil. I'm worried about over feeding, so the next question is how can I tell if I'm feeding too much or too little? Or should I just give them a light feeding with fertilizer at full strength a few times then a water through (watering or feeding until it soaks thru the whole pot/plant roots)? I never had a problem with my cmh, but its too hot to run in my apartment, so thats one of the reasons I switched to the led. Help?
Old post but everyone saying 12"-18" are WRONG. You are doing nothing but slowly killing your plants people! LED lights are very direct and very powerful. They HAVE to be WAY further away. Just because the lights doesn't put off heat doesn't mean you can put them closer. Marijuana leaves can only take in so many photons until they start to burn 🤔
We run several different brands of led along with gavita hps. Some we can run 6 inches and some brands 18 inches will bleach the heck out of the buds. Fluence and gavita led we can run close, kind 1000 better be couple feet away. All grow good weed, their theory in led building is a bit different, have had excellent results with all. Certain strains seem more sensitive as well. Kind of pay attention deal, constant slight adjustments. Like a good landing, always making slight corrections.
The light posted by TJ666 is a Chinese one, meaning it does not have the power of Fluence or Gavita LED's. It sounds like two things are going on with this guys plants. #1 light is too far away from plant, I would immediately move it to 16" away and probably go down to like 8". Secondly, sounds like some nut burn based on the leaf tips browning.