How do people mix small amounts?

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I just used a 20 oz or whatever size empty bottle and hand mixed small amounts this bottle was 1 every 4 days seedling to young veg plants and in the end was up to half gallon a plant per day during flower also been digging using the syringe method for measuring out nutes switched to those with hydro just used the shot glass measuring cup last grow on smaller scale waterings though


ya ... starts to smell funky .. i've left some in my watering can a few times and it reeks 2 days later ... mainly the fishmix smell i reckon - maybe if sealed its a different story ... BioBizz mention on their website to use within 24 hours once mixed with water...


My 1ml syringes just arrived. Thanks for the help everyone.
These will be perfect for rso too. The 10ml ones were too big for the small batches I made.

Edit: Just mixed a half cup of water. 0.05ml of each in the gh trio and 1 drop of pH down.
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