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large.D5079F00-6415-40BE-B343-F50FD246794C.jpeg large.CB60D3DF-3270-4DE2-90EA-8FD06EFD6417.jpeg large.B9990F52-5DD4-4EAE-85C5-718993C09AA9.jpeg large.8F0D74E5-40F7-42B4-906B-E8C878EEA72A.jpeg large.17511117-68B1-4633-9764-A3BBA4D2FCAB.jpeg large.714612B8-61D8-4C63-9B76-9287BF354E4D.jpeg large.A798B93A-8082-42DD-8D21-B7CDD0489209.jpeg Will be the start of week 9 on Sunday the pics are all different plants. When do you think I could just start giving them just water for the last 2 weeks they roughly 9-10 week flower but they still seem quite far away? A friend thinks the brown patches on the leaves are pk9 /18 burn others have said bud rot but there's no signs off it and as you can see pulled the bud apart and Ive tugged them not easy to pull off only seems to be effecting the top 6 inch of the plants.



man i'm just a hotdog
What do you think? I thought it was cal/mag deficency
i would lean towards deficiency - i run plain water only sometimes up to 2 weeks before harvest and those will appear in the process of making the plant eat itself (usually after a week of no nutes) . mine looks a little different because it's under heavy trich in a later flower stage but in this case it looks like calcium def

if you're worried about rot make sure to gently gently pull the nug away if you see brown patches , from the branch and check where it rests on the stem


What do you think? I thought it was cal/mag deficency
Perhaps. There is burnt and curled up leaf tips so maybe a little of all the above, lol. Not growing leafs now anyway so I’d just ride it out and hope for decent smoke at the finish line.

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