How much do you think this plant will yield?

It’s hard to take pictures that really show how much effort and time was spent training this thing.

The plant is super short but maximum effort was applied in flattening every branch. It was never topped but the actual top curls around 360 degrees before coming back up to the top canopy.
Luv that pic..! Nice work!
Here’s a real specific question I’d like feedback on...

This big girl is currently flowering under 2x 400w hps lamps. I’ve got a single 315w cmh fixture with a Philips agro bulb on the way. Would you guys finish it under the double 400 hps or under my new cmh? Or both? 😏 I could stick both fixtures fairly close and there’d probably be a lot of overlap.
Here’s my double/2x 400w cheapie rig. Two wing reflectors attached end to end with painter’s tape 😆 fired by a Lumatek and a Nextgen ballast. I need Hortilux bulbs!

I ordered a budget 315w cmh setup but I opted for the good Philips bulb.

leave the plant where it’s at or put it under the 315? 🤔🤔🤔
nope. 15 gallon. I’ve lst’d the crap out of it.

15 gallon on the left and a 5 gallon on the right I just barely fits under there

It’s pretty big. That hood is two 400’s end to end and it’s way wider...on both sides. I could barely fit in a second 5-gallon pot on one end of this 2x 400w hps rig I’m using.

I started this plant from seed outside the first week of July. It’s been indoors vegging a little longer and then flowering for 6 weeks and one day now.
My apologies. That's a different perspective seeing the pot on top of the milk crates that wasn't in the first pic's. No offence meant to anyone.
I know exactly the strain.

aww snap it is a hybrid!

I trimmed a LOT of fan leaves because it was just too bushy....then I lost a bunch to a nitrogen toxicity and then a lot of yellowing after I mostly cleared that up...still dealing with that overfeeding excess salts issue to some extent - so it’s been flushed with about 30-40 gallons of water 2 days ago. So there’s not many big fat fan leaves left...but it used to have them. 😥Irritated I did that and I know it’ll hurt yield but hopefully I can partially recover.

ANY TIPS ON USING THESE LITTLE SCOPES? The 30x lens is fairly easy to use but not powerful enough to see trichome detail clearly. 45x and 60x are better but it’s so hard to get a clear look. I can’t hold the scope steadily enough. Should I chop a tiny piece off with scissors and put the scope on some sort of stationary position and adjust the sample under it perhaps???
I’d use some thin wooden spacers to support the scope over the sample being examined, no shake that way.
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