How Much Longer Until Harvest ??

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Hey guys,

I don't have a flash disk handy to copy the images to this machine but I already did upload them to imgur, too lazy to copy them all one by one, that's time that can be spent rollin' spliffs...:

I've got 9 plants in there. I topped 6 of the 9 to let the bottoms mature more. It's my first harvest so I am trying to do it in various stages of maturity to discover how I like these two cultivars best. I think they are just two. The seeds were from a jar I had been saving seeds from high quality nugs.

Please let me know if you guys think these flowers were produced from high quality seeds or just average seeds.

I didn't want to harvest when they were all clear but the microscope has 4 light settings and I'm not 100% sure I'm able to determine what a cloudy trichrome is vs one that is appearing to look cloudy from all of the light refraction and bouncing around. It's more discernible the closer you zoom in but the closer you zoom in the aperture? part starts obscuring the light from the LEDs making it darker the more you get in focus. I don't have a proper tripod to get super clear shots and my hand isn't as still as a lotus flower plus shutting off the 3 fans giving slight breeze and shutting that on/off is actually a pain in the ass due to designing the whole thing to be on 24/7.

Some are definitely starting to look amber.

One of the two cultivars is turning purple after harvest and the ones that aren't harvested turn purple at night time. We are going on to weeks 13 and 12 of harvest now.
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