How much perlite is too much perlite?

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Sorry it's taken so long to upload, I chopped on Nov 11th and the soil was WAY too wet for me to work with. I just went back to get rid of the soil and it was still incredibly waterlogged. Here are some pics of the roots (I'm exhausted, that was hard work getting those things out of the containers!)

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Ahhhh root porn


You had some watering issues. You can tell by the size and complexity of the root ball. Some of the root pix are blurred but the color is wrong for them anyway. They should be white. Of course they will be dirty but they should rinse white. Feel the brown spots. Slimy or dusty?

For your next grow, how were you thinking of running it? I would stay with soil because you are already setup for it. Lets get one mode correct before moving on. Agreed?
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