How much solution should be coming down on my top feed system?

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So ive been growing in soil for a few years now and am trying my hand at hydroponics. Hydro is all new to me and scares me a bit but I am excited about the possiblities.

Anyway I have a GH Hydro Farm 8-pack top feed system and I am just curious how much nutrient solution is ideal to have running over my hydroton? With the drip rings I have some areas that are always wet and others that are barely damp.

I added my own recirculation kit to the system to keep the water oxygenated and moving but I am tempted to add another pump so that I have more nutrient solution flowing up top.

Maybe I am just overthinking things? Anyway I hope some of you guys don't mind helping my N00b ass out :-)



Before I transfer my babies into my top feed I root them into 4x4 grodan cubes. They tend to retain water and nutes better than just plain hydrodon, works for me :)

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