How to best top/crop this plant?

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About 2 weeks ago I purchased this clone. It’s Golden Kiwi x Watermelon Punch.

It was really chlorotic and ignored. It has something like 12 or 15 nodes.
Seriously, it’s got a lot.

I was thinking of cutting the entire top half off and perhaps cloning that (but that’s not the important part). I really want to shorten the plant and thicken it up before flipping.

I’m certainly open to suggestions as to best way to address this plant.
It’s about 20 inches tall now.


Thank you for any and all advice.


Looks like it’s been topped already (?) you can see a Y structure about 2/3rd the way up. Since the nodes are alternating (as opposed to opposite) it looks like you’re at 20 nodes, but it’s really about half that. Just go ahead and top your 2 top branches. The internode spacing is fairly long, but it actually only looks like these 2 branches have 3-4 nodes (past the 1st top) which is right about where you would do a 2nd topping normally. If I was outdoors, you could just do at the blue line (on both branches) It should fill out nicely. If you’re indoors and worried about height, come down to the red line.

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