How to calibrate my Vivosun TDS & EC meter and is this EC calibration reciepe for real?

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I'm in the middle of a minor meter crisis, which is better than a minor midlife crisis! 😀 So I dug my old TDS/EC meter out and wondered how the heck and what EC calibration solution to use. I have some, wrong stregnth(?). Start googling and this video came up. According to it, you can mix 0.7459 of potassium chloride into 1 liter of distilled water for an ec of 1413 micro somethings....
Can someone confirm or debunk that. If it's true, then is there a chart somewhere with the amounts of potassium chloride to add for other ec calibration settings?
Enjoy the video!


hey P,

As best you can weigh out 373mg KCl and add that to a glass vessel and bring the volume up to 500ml. Measure conductivity.

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