How to check if your grow is really great or if you are in need of a reality check and a new way to grow.

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For years I would hate on feminized seeds. Talk about how they lacked power and were no where near as good as a clone of a know strain and genotype.

One day I ordered a big lot of beans think like PCK from DNA limited and 91 kyrpt, sour kyrpt also from DNA limited, haze man seeds elephant stomper... They came with a bundle of legendary freebies that change my view on fem seeds while also reinforcing it. I know both...

Blim burn grizzly purple kush
Humboldt seed organization 707 truthband
Cali connection 818 headband
Dinafem xx cheese

All were feminized. I grew them in the same big pots as the regs from DNA and hazeman seeds with some hawaii mystery seeds.

I feed them all my super brew and they lived in my special medium mix super soil.

My results

FEM-Humboldt seed organization 707 Truthband- a great flavor and smooth smoke very trippy. The flavor was very pronounced and the outcome was the description...
FEM-Cali connection 818 headband- a great flavor and smooth smoke very trippy. The flavor was very pronounced and the outcome was the description...
FEM-Blue blood medicann- super kush blueberry flavor like wow and narcotic sleep.

REG-PCK purple chem krypt - epuc flavor and effect very trippy and classic chemdog super terps but I hit the it geno first try also it was breed extra well.
REG-91 kyrpt- great flavor and effect consistent with pck but in its own way.
REG- sour kyrpt- great flavor and effect consistent with pck but in its own way.

REG- Elephant stomper hazeman seeds- I have 2 geno variations one was grapeY sweet as described but not the cut of purple urkle grown by a humboldt pro decent chemdog/hawaiian/asian sative high trippy but not a pck by any means, the second pheno was very little flavor but had the effect but it was not a super wow experience.

FEM-Blim burn grizzly purple kush- it had a nice purple kushy flavor but didn't have the refined longevity of the above and the effect was like most dispensary high grade 2hrs of yeah then man I want to smoke.

FEM-Dinafem xx cheese- cheese flavor was there not super pronounced but there and it had the cheese effect with a base level high around 2hrs.

The cali connection and humboldt seeds org, medicann seeds all showed me the importance of genotype selection and having a lot of history with the plants and growing organic soil. The flavors really came out and the effects as described.

The regs that were from DNA were 80% EPUC! PCK AND 91 KRYPT! Wow I was sad to lose them they were wonderful really captured that Chemdog effect and flavor was great. I actually got the pheno from their stock pictures.

The winners were PCK, 707 truthband, 818 headband all had exceptional quality and were out of this world in every way except a 5min after taste...

Blim burn has discontinued their grizzly purple kush idky its was great for what it was but was not in the same grade as cali connection and humboldt for the fems.
Dinafem double cheese I think it was... I got the cheese effect n flavor but it wasn't wow like when I had blue cheese from the legit dude himself cut.

My conclusion is fem seeds have the potential to be better then regs for the home 10 plant grower no geno hunt or pheno shannaGINS

How to check if your grow as in ferts and medium are actually great or your living the hype lie...
Grow fems from well known reputable companies even clone can be deceiving but those fems from humboldt and cali connection were FIRE! This last season my 707 truthband had the flavor and a linger element of sweet with a great effect. But my supposed kauai electric while it stunk growing so wonderful it came up lacking in the flavor but the effect was solid like write the book you have been putting off for year solid...

Strain= GENOTYPE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF GROWING A GREAT BUD TO TOKe. You can get a minor base flavor off of even the worst ferts and medium with a base short lived effect but as described with a great genotype of a strain. But if you know how to grow then you can make that flavor stick around longer and have that effect last 2 days and not 2hrs.

Pheno can add to it all but its the genotype that makes that base terp profile and cannabinoid content. The pheno can play on the terps and concentration of terps and cannabinoids but your execution of fertilizers be it teas and top dress or salts and chemicals what you add to feed is what will make you bud a KINE BUD or a pusher delight(its smell great looks great little to no power and the flavor is smoke or nothing or worse, basically a lie that looks and smells great.)

This isn't his name i don't know his name ill call him This guy Wayne from Waynes world, bros with Bruce banner #4 breeder busted out some peaches and cream at a part that was organic KINE BUD the flavor was peaches and cream like the candy and lingered like sucking on a lollipop for a few minutes after we finished the doobie. Like wow if you guys could taste it you would ask how did he do that ive been wondering for years. 707truthband is the closest to that after flavor ive had of organic non purple max buds. That I grew.

To actually be a great grower you need to have the genotype of the strain and the ferts choice and execution.
I'm tired of johnny pusher and his [email protected]! If you say your bud taste like candy and has an after taste of that candy then it better have that flavor and after effect or you come off as untrustworthy. And yeah many a grower sucks and is a dirty liar... Be honest with your abilities so you can grow as in learn and get better because there are a lot of drug addicts who will sweet talk and buy into your lie all day but you and I know at the end of the day your just a loser liar and i bet you lie to everyone about everything.. Pathological liars! They always get very defensive sometime violent when called out but you know its offensive and violent to inhale your trash lie of a smoke. Fing losers.

Did you know many fert line are full of shit and you get great looking and smelling trash!

I hate you johnny pusher grower... Just buy one bottle of new fox farm big bloom its finally organic after years or decades of lies telling us its organic with its ammonium ferts surrounded by quality. Now its OMRI! SO MR LYING PUSHER GROWER DUDE JUST BUY N USE THAT. ITS 100% BETTER THEN THE TRASH COMPOSITION YOU GROW WITH NOW! Your lies and poor word choice I don't want in my life anymore. There are so many very nice quality organic fert lines now.

If you grow with chemicals and you actually get flavor its because they put the right organic components in there and you lucked out on the genotype... The genotype is the majority of that flavor unless your growing nasty purple max flavor.

Looks n smells who cares if the power n flavor are absent!

So if you have limited space buy FEM FROM A REPUTABLE COMPANY. THERE ARE MANY!



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