How to tell a quality yucca from the poor

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Bump for some sources of Quillaja saponaria.
I think a yucca and Quillaja saponaria would be killer combo and cheap too.


Operation Dank


Saponin % is most important to make it effective.
That info is not available for this product.
If it were high it would brag about it on the label.
Probably just ground plant matter.

Here is link to what I have been using I got it on ebay.
10 % Saponin in Mojave Yucca Extract.

Key Benefits of Saponin
• wetting agent
• help with nutrient uptake
• help sprays (pesticide) to spread and stick better to plant parts (use less)
• anti-fungal
• promote beneficial microbial activity in the soil
• surfactant (reduces surface tension) better penetration
• bio-enhancer-added to products to make them work better
• manage excess salts (fertilizer build-up) in soil
• improve H2O penetration
• move spray solution into soil solution
• mildew cure (fungus)
• miticide (soapy quality suffocates mites)
• minimize wash-off (plant leaves)
• spray binder
• flushing of plants with yucca extract is cleaner than molasses
• triggers plants defensive response to anaerobic fungi
• biochemical inhibitors
• boosts potency of other products (adjuvant)
Not a drop of water, nutrient solution, nor foliar spray touches my plants without yucca. Indoors or out. Good thread. Good post. I found alot of brands similar regardless of saponin percentage. I like kelp4less. Its cheap and a pound or 2 will last a lifetime. Was using Humboldt Sticky but is expensive. That Thermx70 is ridiculously overpriced for simple desert yucca extract. Anyways..yeah..yucca man. Good shit. Tremedous benefits. For you flushers out there..its invaluable. I actually like the foamy action when my drippers kick on. Excellent for foliar sprays and for rootzone penetration in peat mixes (which are hydro phobic) and coco coir.


Hey Shag- not sure if I can send messages at that other board. Good to see ya round!

I picked up a bottle of Safer Natural Wet for foliars because it was cheap. It works great and has lasted me almost a year with drenches too.
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