How to trim Pure Sativa flowers?

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Hi I've been trying to figure out how to trim my Filipino Sativa Landrace when it's time to harvest.

Since the flowers are wispy and not chunky like Indicas do I just cut at the base of the bud and dry all the little leaves or do I have to cut all those single bladed green leaves out?

Pics I've seen of Kibungan already dried looks like they just dry all of it together. Like this.

How to trim pure sativa flowers

This one I accidentally pinched off and been let to dry. So I just do this then?

How to trim pure sativa flowers 2


Any leaves without visible trichomes on them should be trimmed off, even as far as trimming the tips of the sugar leaves.
With all due respect; your final product is lacking.
It looks like there was insufficient PK values in your feeding, perhaps lighting was not powerful enough causing stretch, or so far as perhaps the presence of hops latent virus causing underdeveloped buds.
Hopefully the main kolas are more dense, if not then consider making oil with your product, as if this was properly trimmed there would be nothing left.
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