How'd my daughter get pregnant?

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Back story:

Late Aug I popped 7 seeds... Popped some more... Head count now 20. 12/12 active. Males go outside. Females inside a tent, in a room, in a house. Females separated from the outside by a zipped up canvas door, wooden door, another wooden door with weather proofing and a screen door. Windows to the tent room always closed except for an exhaust pumping out 24/7.

First attempt to cross my plants. Late Oct, pollen mostly to all completely burst open. 200+ windy days in the year. Not expecting to collect any pollen successfully. Plastic bag around branches, shake, scrape the two most virulent males outside into separate foil containers. 9 ladies flowering inside, take one out of the tent, bring it to the garage, put one plastic bag around a branch, shake vigorously. Carefully tap out branch to not get pollen on other branches. Place lady back in tent, repeat for 2nd lady with other male bag.

Harvest time, Between the two ladies, something like 10~ seeds were found. All that is already smoked up and those plants long dead.

Remaining plants vegging under B-/C+ conditions in the closet are: 7, 16, 17, 18.

First attempt taking clones. My ID tags fall off half the plants, they are now color coded for better identification. Plant #17 is for sure a male, as soon as that was identified they were taken out of the flowering tent and destroyed. The other two remaining plants in there kept flowering and are just starting to get cloudy on the trichromes (really could stand to harvest right now and cure with a harvestright so I can smoke - I'm completely out right). As I was getting down to my last 8th of smokeable weed days ago. I cut this off one of the two female plants inside.

I put it to dry out so I could smoke it immediately.

I examine it more closely.... Where did this seed come from?

I have never seen naners and this is my, second harvest you could say. The two females were looked daily when watered, but not really inspected rigorously after the males were removed as flowers were clearly growing everywhere. These two girls I topped when they were vegging.

How could she have gotten pregnant? Did she herm up? All the nug sites look way too phat for that. I only have two girls in there as opposed to nine. Nine can fit in the tent but the light can only really make two of them shine, maybe four but probably not if they are topped out (like they are now) as they spread out their branches way wider. The last flowering males that were alive were late February/early March.

I clipped off another nug this morning to dry out and smoke after I burn through the one in the photo.

I am at 41 degrees lattitude. Are my days long enough to take my vegging plants outside to continue vegging through out the spring and summer?


You could have a nanner, a plant could have popped a ball, a pollen grain from your clothes could have made contact with a flower...

The bottom line is plants are sluts and horn dogs.
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