Hows my second crop looking?

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Hi everyone...

Just looking for thoughts on how my plant is going. I am still a newbie... This will be my second crop and the plant has just exploded in size since the first.

Is this looking normal and healthy to you? Are the yellow leaves anything to be concerned about (i understand this can be normal, but also occasionally signs of distress)?

The trichs are mostly clear, but I know it's too early right now. That said, my first crop never really seemed to get many cloudy trichs and very few amber ones (they looked more brown and crusty though). The bus also felt very light and sparse. This new batch are a bit fuller feeling, but still don't seem to be tight and hard like what I wound typically buy.

They and have a minty smell to them. I don't actually know what type the plant is... it came from a seed from some buds I bought of the street about a year ago. Any thoughts?

(The trimmed bud is just me practising with a bud that was starting to stick up high above the fence)

Thanks in advance!
Hows my second crop looking
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